Who we are

Safari Hunters is a registered private tour company founded in 2016 by Rashida Nassozi a then 26yr old travelpreneur of Ugandan descent.  

We specialize in tailor-made authentic African experiences in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.  Whether you want to plan the perfect honeymoon, a thrilling African adventure holiday, the ultimate African safari or a unique family vacation,or several of these- we will create a unique, personalized itinerary suited to both you and your budget.

At Safari Hunters, our commitment is to uphold values such as conservation, sustainability. aunthenticity, respect for wildlife and local communities and a commitment to delivering smooth and exceptional experiences to our clients.

As you step into our world, prepare to be captivated by the symphony of roaring lions, the elegant dance of giraffes against the sprawling horizon and the mystical encounters of the African Big 5!

We pride ourselves on providing personalized service, ensuring that each expedition is tailored to your preferences, interests and tastes. Our team of experienced drivers, guides and rangers will accompany you on your journey, sharing their wealth of knowledge and passion for the wildlife and eco systems you will encounter along the way.

What to expect on every trip?

We aim for every trip to be fun, inspiring and exciting. We want travel to be a catalyst for growth in every area of your life. We aim to connect you with experiences that will be good for your body and soul and to connect you with others with a shared interest. Expect for every trip to be finely curated and well organized.

We embrace the responsibility of sustainable travel. We tread lightly on the land, respecting the delicate balance of nature and its suporting communities. With each safari you will contribute to the conservation efforts that safeguard the habitats and species that make our journeys possible.

We want to inspire our fellow safari enthusiasts with new and off the beaten adventures, whether its sharing the trendiest new destination or insta worthy activity. Safari Hunters UG is your go-to travel concierge.

Join our signature group trips and build a network of friends as we venture into the heart of the wild, where dreams unfurl and life-long memories are forged.

Our Flexible payment plans allow you to save up for your trip without having to break the bank. With our competitive rates we pride ourselves in curating the best possible experiences for our guests that fit their lifestyle and budget.

We also let you in on the latest discounts and special offers to help you get the most out of your trip. Whether its a wedding in the Mara or a special trip for your parents, we are keen to the dot to make sure everything is as close as to how you dreamed it.

Let Safari Hunters be your gateway to the untamed landscapes and captivating wildlife that await your arrival.

Ready to answer the call of the wild? Begin your untamed adventure with Safari Hunters today.



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We will tailor your safari to your individual needs, taking into account your special requirements and never lose sight of even the smallest details.



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