Safari Hunters Uganda is highly conscious of the need to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. We have therefore partnered with a number of projects, to maximize the benefits tourism can bring to our local communities.

One of these projects is the cooperation with local families in the community, where guests can learn about the culture of the different tribes living in the areas we visit and interact with the local people. A visit will support community based initiatives, varying from the construction of schools to the supply of clean drinking water and the making of traditional handcrafts.

All our tours feature at least one visit to a local community project such as village visits, animal rehabilitation projects and employment of local tour guides.

We also have a running “Safari for School” initiative where 1 USD out of every safari is donated to rural schools where poor families are not able to afford tuition. That 1 dollar goes a long way to provide books, shoes, uniforms, study trips and food for the children who would otherwise go without.

These local initiatives help maintain local culture and encourage the ideals of wildlife conservation. This also gives you a chance to meet local people and see how tourism is benefitting Uganda. 

To participate of take part in any of these projects, email us at for more information.

Whether you prefer gorilla tracking, game viewing or adventure safaris, explore the country fully knowing that your trip will also contribute to the wellness of the community at large!