Here is a list of travel information you may find useful when planning your safari holiday tour of  East Africa. If you require any further details or have questions on something not covered by this list, please get in touch with the Safari Hunters Uganda team.


Tourists must have a valid visa to visit Uganda. Your passport must also be valid for at least six months after the date of your arrival in the country. In 2017 Uganda introduced ‘eVisa’, the electronic tourist visa CLICK HERE , although you can still apply for a visa manually on arrival at the airport in Uganda. The transition to the new scheme has taken longer than expected. This means that you can still apply for a visa on arrival at theEntebbe airport, or online before flying into Uganda.


 Most major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) are widely accepted. In addition to credit cards, it is advisable to carry easily convertible currency in cash. USD currency is readily accepted in many local outlets and can also easily be exchanged to Uganda shillings



Avoid drinking water straight from the tap. Complimentary bottled drinking water will be provided in the safari vehicle. Soft drinks, beer and other bottled beverages can be purchased at the lodges and camps throughout the safari as they have bars and comfortable lounges with fire places for those cool evenings.



Visitors should exercise the same common sense as one would in any other part of the world. Normal care and sensible precautions should be taken. Please do not leave cash, jewellery or valuables unattended in hotel rooms. Every lodge or hotel has a safe deposit facility for your valuables safe keeping. Do not wear flashy jewellery, or leave handbags and photographic equipment unattended in public places.



Mosquitoes appear when the sunsets, temperatures drop and the evening night sets in. This is when most bites happen. We advise that you wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. It is also important to make sure any exposed parts of the body are protected with insects repellent. All safari lodges and camps are fitted with mosquito nets over the bed.




  • Bright summer clothes for safari tour (Strong colours can attract unwanted attention from flies found in certain areas of the parks). Laundry is cheap and available, so do not pack much in terms of clothes
  • Fuller clothes for evenings at the hotel and lodge, such as long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect you against mosquitoes after sunset and, if necessary, against the sun
  • A jacket/sweater, as it can be cool in the early morning and evening
  • Summer Footwear (e.g. sports shoes and cotton socks). Avoid walking on bare feet and or leaving your legs naked at night due to mosquitoes
  • Power Plugs with 2 or 3 pins for Type C and Type G sockets
  • Hat that shields against the sun
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm
  • A mosquito/insect repellent for example
  • Nail clippers and file
  • Personal medicine and toiletries
  • Extra batteries for camera, recorder
  • Bandanna
  • Wet wipes


  • Passports, money, tickets
  • Sunglasses
  • Medication you use at home (always in your hand luggage, just in case you lose your suitcase!)
  • Hand Medicine: analgesic, allergy pills, remedy for diarrhea (maybe Imodium), malaria pills, plasters and disinfectant wipes
  • Binoculars (so you get to see the leopard way out there in the tree!)
  • Camera and memory cards more than you expect to use, including battery charger and a bag to protect the camera from Africa’s fine, red dust
  • Shoulder bag with sturdy strap and zip.  A money belt or good inside pockets that
    can be zipped up
  • A few photocopies of all personal documents such as passports, visas, flights, travel insurance, vaccination card, international debit cards, (Master Card, Visa credit cards etc.) driving license
  • Telephone list for immediate blocking of lost debit card and insurance
  • A good book or something to keep you entertained


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